Wts, 43 Mil sp, Nyx ready, Jf pilot

(Noramrock) #1

From the old forum thread https://forums.eveonline.com/default.aspx?g=posts&m=6986297#post6986297

Selling myself. Highlights:


Jf pilot
Gal carrier 5
Fighters 5
Jdc 5
Jdo 5
Cyno 5
Cov ops 5

Sale will go on for a week, or until I get an offer I can’t refuse. ISK will go to this character and I’ll pay the transfer fee.

(LLlAMAH) #2

25.1 kkk

(clearnow) #3


(Ananias Andedare) #4


(Fatli Solvent) #5

29b bid

(Ananias Andedare) #6


(Noramrock) #7

Thank you to everyone for the bids. I’m open to b/o offers, if anyone is interested to get this sale over sooner than later.

(Colonel Mo) #8

Your KB aint good, better to say horrible. I wanna offer 30b as b/o

(Noramrock) #9

B/o accepted. Please contact me ingame. I respond pretty quickly to ingame mail even when offline.

(Noramrock) #10

Unable to get a hold of the person offering the b/o. I’m still up for sale.

(Medusari) #11

i would pay 30 bil it if it can fly a carrier

(Noramrock) #12

Can fly a thanny and Nyx

(Ebola Maximus) #13

Add medusari and we can talk when i come home

(Noramrock) #14

Medusari added, evemail sent.

(Kimberlay Tartine) #15


(Medusari) #16

i need to retract my bid seems i won t have the isk in time

(Noramrock) #17

No worries, thanks for letting me know.

Kimberlay Tartine - I’ve sent you an evemail, let me know if you’re interested.

(Noramrock) #18

Offer accepted, as per evemail. Awaiting isk and account info (I will be online with an hour)

(Kimberlay Tartine) #19

isk and account info send

(Noramrock) #20

ISK and info received, character transfer initiated - payment made to ccp. Thank you for your business.