[SOLD] WTS>80m SP Revenant / Vendetta Pilot/ Focused Skills [SOLD]

Want to Fly all supers?
Selling a Very Focused super pilot.

All Carrier Skill Lvl 5
All fighter skills are at 5.

Are in Jita atm with Great Implants across Clones
She also has a Sansha Victory skin from an Alliance tournament.
Remap in 5 Days
FAX capable


Start offer @ 70b
B/O 80b

Low Ballers not welcome.

Not interested in Extracted Price offers (If I was, I would extract myself)

start 55b

Your offer is too low, its even below the price if I just extracted it instead.
So, no thank you :slight_smile:


Perfect Super Pilot Still for Sale, Can Fly All Carriers

Nice toon, I’ll offer 62.5 billion (2 billion over current net minimal-labor extract value)

63b B/O

Still for sale.

Still for sale

For Sale Still

Yep Its still for sale.

Sale Sale Sale

Mail sent

Tnx for the offer, but, its too low for me.

Still for sale.

How about 73B?

75B and its yours.

where is the slave clone located?

Training and Geno clones are in Jita, the Slaves are a bit tricky to get. Its in J5A-IX

I’ll take the BO for 75Bn

Ok then, send isk and account info, and ill transfer ASAP after.

Isk and account info sent