[SOLD] WTS 90m SP pilot. PvP/SUB BS focus


|Date of Birth|2008-06-06|
|Skill Points|90,105,323|
|Unallocated SP|797,760|
|Yearly Remap|1|
|Security Status|5.01|

Specialized in T3/Sub BC ships of all races, ideal for roaming PvP. Has no kill rights, located in Jita.

Buyout: 90B

Still for s ale

Still for sale

70b b/o

Still for sale

Still for sale

Still for sale

Still for sale

60 b/o

Still for sale

65b right now

Still for sale

Still for sale?

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Yes, still for sale.

72 bil

73b B/O

80b i will send,if you agree in 10hours

80,5b B/O

81b buyout I have the ISK ready

Apologies, I haven’t been watching this thread.

@Sofra Isagar
I’ll accept your B/O offer if you’re still interested.