WTS 98.78M SP subcapital allround PvP pilot

Location: Amarr VIII (Oris) - Emperor Family Academy
Wallet: Positive
Many basic skills reached five
3 remaps available
With ~500k unallocated sp

I will pay the 20€ transfer fee.

Startbid from 50b
Buyout 60b

Thanks for your time!

55 b offer

Thx for the offer but I’m gonna wait a bit longer. Btw it’s my first character for sale and I didn’t know I actually had to post wit the character itself. Maybe I confused a few people.

daily bump

daily bump.
Buyout changed to 60 b.

57b offer

Thanks for the offer.
I think I’m gonna accept that.
Pls send your account details and ISK and I will initiate the transfer.
with best regards.

Looks like i forgot to delete a character off my account, i currently have no space for it and there is a 10 hour wait time to delete a character, you mind waiting 10 hours?

sure, there isn’t that much demand for this char I guess.

Cool, will send isk and acc details in 10 hours unless i hear different

You’re welcome.
Take care

Sorry for the delay, worked late last night and went to sleep straigth after. isk sent and acc details