WTS 98.78M SP subcapital allround PvP pilot

Location: Amarr VIII (Oris) - Emperor Family Academy
Wallet: Positive
Many basic skills reached five
3 remaps available
With ~500k unallocated sp

I will pay the 20€ transfer fee.

Startbid from 50b
Buyout 60b

Thanks for your time!

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55 b offer

Thx for the offer but I’m gonna wait a bit longer. Btw it’s my first character for sale and I didn’t know I actually had to post wit the character itself. Maybe I confused a few people.

daily bump

daily bump.
Buyout changed to 60 b.

57b offer

Thanks for the offer.
I think I’m gonna accept that.
Pls send your account details and ISK and I will initiate the transfer.
with best regards.

Looks like i forgot to delete a character off my account, i currently have no space for it and there is a 10 hour wait time to delete a character, you mind waiting 10 hours?

sure, there isn’t that much demand for this char I guess.

Cool, will send isk and acc details in 10 hours unless i hear different

You’re welcome.
Take care

Sorry for the delay, worked late last night and went to sleep straigth after. isk sent and acc details

Pls delete post. Character won’t get sold.

57.5b offer

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