(SOLD) WTS 2008 27+ Mil SP PvP Pilot, Starting Bid 25Bil B/O 28Bil Ends 5/5/2019


Character is in Amarr - HiSec
Has Positive Wallet Balance 29mil isk
1 Jump Clone in 0.0 - J-CIJV Pure Blind
No Kill Rights
Character is in NPC Corporation

Can Fly Inties, Will be easy train to Dictors, has Caldari and Minmitar Dest V just needs the Interdictor Skill Trained.
Stealth Bomber and HAC Capable (Minmitar and Caldari)
Recons Capable (Minmitar and Caldari)

Starting Bid 25 Bil, Buyout @ 28 Bil


and let me know Fa113nAng3L420 is your character please



23.75b offer

Starting bid is 25 Bil

it is my character, 2nd account, starting offer I will entertain is 25 bil

pretty sure rules require that the character being sold is the character making the post, or atleast replies in the post to confirm the character is for sale

Yes seems like scam
Can u confirm with character u are seling
That he inded is for sale


This is my post, this character account belongs to Acix. I did not see anywhere on the rules for posting a character sale that it must be initiated on the forums by the account being sold, however if this is an issue I have no problem re-posting with Fa113n as the OP. 25 bil from ct130 Kasenumi is the current offer, If I do not receive another offer better than 25 bil in the next 4 hours I will begin the selling process. Posted at 1645 US Eastern Standard Time

I am currently Entertaining your offer at 25 Bil but seeing as the B/O is 28 Bil I am going to give it a few hours to see if anyone else is interested, see post above.


should i send isk and recive character to
Fa113nAng3L420 in game mail?

25 bil to Fa113nAng3L420 and your account info ingame mail and I will begin character transfer. I am not home at the moment but as soon as I see it I will initiate the transfer. Also post here when you have sent the isk and information and/or send a mail to my other character Acix so I know to check Fa113n

Character still up for sale, previous bid has not been paid yet, I will entertain offers of 25.5 Bil


Sold please lock

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