[SOLD] 27.8 Mil SP Pilot (Used for an Orca Pilot/Miner Etc

27.8 Mil SP


1 Remap
1.3 Sec
No Kill rights
No Bounty
In High Sec
Clone with 10 implants in Ashab
Looking for 25Bil or above for Buyout

20 bil

20.5 b :grin:

21 bil

Thanks but waiting for 25Bil offer


23b bo ,isk ready

Bump Ready to be sold to first person with 25B Offer

ill bid 25 bill buy out

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Bid accepted, Please send payment and acct name in game by mail to me.

isk sent and info sent in game mail

Received ISK and acct info, starting transfer

thanks for doing business sir :slight_smile:

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Transfer initiated, email confirmed transfer started, 10 hour delay per ccp safety rules.

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