WTS 35M SP mixed pilot, 20b buyout - Orca/Barges, Incursion Battleships, VNI/Ishtar, trading + more


(Marcus Algaert) #1

password 1111

400m in wallet
plenty of expensive skillbooks injected
no kill rights
1 jump clone in null, 1 in high sec, currently docked in Amarr

20b buyout, wont take less

i pay for transfer

this would be my first pilot sold, if something is missing plz tell me

Price Check - 35m sp character with no specialization. 18b or troll?
:star2: Buying pilots - Fast payment!
(Dobriy Putb) #2


(Marcus Algaert) #4

Still for sale, ignore troll bid above

(Monica Shepard) #6

17.5 bil

(Monica Shepard) #8

18 bil

(Monica Shepard) #10

my 18 is only valid for 33 minutes FYI

(Marcus Algaert) #11

If any non-troll actually wants this feel free to offer, still for sale.

(Monica Shepard) #12

18 is valid until 31 mins

(Marcus Algaert) #13

send isk and info

(Monica Shepard) #14

Isk and info sent, please initiate transfer ASAP

(Marcus Algaert) #15

transfer started

Will be completed after: 9/25/2018 6:13:48 AM

(system) closed #16

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