WTS 35M SP mixed pilot, 20b buyout - Orca/Barges, Incursion Battleships, VNI/Ishtar, trading + more

password 1111

400m in wallet
plenty of expensive skillbooks injected
no kill rights
1 jump clone in null, 1 in high sec, currently docked in Amarr

20b buyout, wont take less

i pay for transfer

this would be my first pilot sold, if something is missing plz tell me


Still for sale, ignore troll bid above

17.5 bil

18 bil

my 18 is only valid for 33 minutes FYI

If any non-troll actually wants this feel free to offer, still for sale.

18 is valid until 31 mins

send isk and info

Isk and info sent, please initiate transfer ASAP

transfer started

Will be completed after: 9/25/2018 6:13:48 AM

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