(SOLD) WTS 2008 27Mil SP PvP Pilot. Buyout is 22 Bil, Ends 5/8/2019 Will Just Extract SP

Character is in Amarr - HiSec
Has Positive Wallet Balance
1 Jump Clone in 0.0 - J-CIJV Pure Blind
No Kill Rights
Character is in NPC Corporation

Can Fly Inties, Will be easy train to Dictors, has Caldari and Minmitar Dest V just needs the Interdictor Skill Trained.
Stealth Bomber and HAC Capable (Minmitar and Caldari)
Recons Capable (Minmitar and Caldari)

Firm Price, 22 Bil ISK Non-Negotiable


22B offer

24 Bil

20BIL ready

I can get 24 bil from extractors and not pay $20 for the character transfer. The price is 25 but I’ll do 24 bil

extract is 20

The price is 25

if u change mind let me now

hmm didnt u just close 1 topic seling this same character
bc multiple people acused u of scammming?

I closed it because I posted with my main not the account being sold. I don’t care if people accuse me of scamming, I’m not and CCP has fraud protection. Feel free to check the Corp history too, been in all the same corps as my main Acix

hmmm intresting… thers simply so many scammers around thes days
need to be carefull

no offence

yes there are, but im happy to take a convo from any interested party on either Fa113n or my main Acix, I can screenshot and show u I own both accounts, I just want to sell this and be done, so many people are quick to call a post a scam with no proof or any real idea, and it fucks over many legitimate people trying to sell off a character. Honestly this ■■■■ is a bigger pain than its worth

widrow bid

24 is the lowest I will go

can ignore

24 Bil is the lowest set price


24 bil is accepted. Send isk and account info please

okey , isk and account will be send after i back home. about 8 hours ty