WTS 90M sp Amazing PVP Pilot

14m sp in gunnery
tons of ships I can fly
logi 5
blops capable

S/B 77b
A/W 88B

77B i offer

c/o 77b. Bump!

sorry,bro,i will transfur isk in 48h。

not sold yet!


78B offer

i cancel

sorry,bro,It took a while to raise the cash。If you still accept my offer 77b。I will transfer isk as soon as I receive your reply。

78B offer

accpeted 78B. awaiting isk and acc info via evemail

retracted accept as buyer has not responded within 24 hours.

i offer 78B

@Aphroditovi4 As per in game mail i agree to the 78 bill, i will transfer the isk and acc info after work today.

As agreed via evemail, accepted offer from Deacon

Isk and account details sent to @Aphroditovi4

isk received. initiating transfer.

Still Waiting on the transfer can you please send a screen shot showing the transfer has been started to the account i sent you aphroditovi4.

Still waiting for aphrioditovi4 to compete the transfer

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