Wts PERFECT Supercarrier pilot, 180m sp

All race Carrier is at level 5 and besides minmatar dorne spec drone skills are also perfect. Has a few jump clones with High-Grade Slaves. Positive wallet, positive sec status.

Start the bidding at 150Bil isk, buyout is 165bil isk.


Daily bump! I will pay a nice ISK referral free if you bring me a buyer.

150 bil

Thank you so much for the bid. Probably going to let the bidding continue until BO is reached or Saturday evening, whichever is sooner.

If you know a friend who is interested in the full price buyout offer I will pay a 1bil isk referral fee.

Daily Bump,

This is the perfect pilot for any Supercarrier, including the Revenant or Vendetta. The buyout price seems like a really good deal.



Thanks for bid, sent you an buyout offer.

Keeping this open a few more days.

Didnt recieve an evemail

155 B/O Last Offer.

Are you still for sale? I have a buyout offer for you.

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