WTS Perfect Carrier/Super/Fax pilot 80m SP

Hello, I am placing myself up for sale. I am currently located in Jita. I have a positive wallet, no killrights and a positive sec status. I come with 3 supercarrier pods. 1 HG Amulet set, 1 Geno set and 1 Ascendancy Set.

Some highlights of my skills include:
Carrier (All races) V
Fighters V
Light/support/heavy fighters V
T2 Triage
Capital Armor/remote armor repair V
Capital Shield/remote shield repair V

Her skillboard can be found HERE
The Skin licenses she has available can be found HERE

Start 70b
Reserve: Hidden

70B Please consider



I sent you an email. Please check it

Replied. Bump.


75b offer, valid for 24h

Thanks for the offer. Bump.




I offer 80b ISK B/O, but I have 2 questions. Are you available to chat in-game?

I sent you an in-game mail, see ya !

As I mentionned in my last mail in-game, I confirm here that I offer 81b ISK for this toon. And as we agreed for this deal in the in game mail, I’m waiting your acceptation here to send you ISK and account infos.
See ya !

Feel free to mail me in game.

In game offer received of 81.5b.

@Anya_Aylet here is the mail you sent me yesterday in-game :

RE: WTB your toon !
From: Anya Aylet
Sent: 2020.02.24 14:01
To: Natacha Coucoutoi,

I accept your offer. Sent me the isk and the account details and I will start the transfer tonight whem i get home from work.

From: Natacha Coucoutoi
Sent: Feb 24, 2020, 7:36:00 AM
To: Anya Aylet
Subject: WTB your toon !

Hi !

I’m interested by buying this toon, I saw you are selling it in the character bazar on the eve forum.

I can give you 81b for the toon if it still matches with the description and skills you presented in its character bazar topic.

I’m waiting your answer.

See ya !

If you say “ok” to my bid (like you did), you don’t have to keep dealing with or accepting anyone else bid… That’s how it works…

Now you just need to confirm your acceptation of our deal here (see the rules of the character bazar for selling toons between players) and I’ll send you 81b ISK on Anya Aylet account and I’ll send you an email in-game with my account info for the transfert, according to WHAT YOU ACCEPTED IN-GAME.

Pulled from the rules of character bazaar.

Agreements on the forums or in game, or winning an auction does not guarantee a character will be transferred to you. The seller may choose to renege on a deal at any time, prior to the transaction being completed.

82.5b > 81b. Being that isk had not been transferred I hold the right to continue to accept offers. Regardless I appreciate your interest in the character.

82.5b ISK offer as agreed on in game

Offer accepted, send isk and account information via in game mail.