WTS 67.3 mSP perfect Hel / Nidh carrier and FAX

Hello! I’m looking for selling my perfect carrier / mothership / FAX pilot
Perfect supports and you could insert fast every carrier you like

  • near perfect drone and fighter skills
  • perfect engineering, shield and armour
  • perfect navigation, targeting and biology
  • perfect triage
  • minmatar focused but every carrier or fax available fast
  • NPC corp, waiting for web-site update
  • all CCP rules, I will pay for transfer

Absolutely perfect pilot
Very beautiful look

Perfect skills

B/o set as 90b
Bids below 70b will be considered as free bump

50 B Ready

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I’ve got 70b offer in private
Please add to 90b and I’ll start the transfer

If you have a 70bil offer I’d suggest taking it, it’s unlikely anyone else would offer close to that.

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I’m looking to get a little bit more

My 51bil offer stands but cannot offer higher as that’s the value of the character.

Looking for new offers from serious buyers
Give me mooooore lol

daily bump
guys, I’m looking for a new home


up to the top

c’mon guys!!!

daily bump

Daily bumping…
Good pilot for every use, make offers

up to the top

Waiting for right buyer!
It will be perfect if you will be kind for her and se will live long life withour extraction!!!

46 bil

Bumpy bump

Still for sale ?

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