WTS 51m Hel perfect pilot

-51.3m SP
-T2 fighters maxed skills
-Minmatar Carrier V
-Perfect fighters skills
-Can fly Nyx level IV
-Shield skills at V
-Around 5b in 2 clones
-Around 11b in skins for hel

Positive wallet
No kill rights
Pilot located in Jita

Has few good hel skins as well

HG Ascendancy clone

PW: 1234

B/O: 50b

edit : B/O lowered to 50b, first come first serve

daily bump, up

bump up


ill just ignore you ok. bye

daily bump up

45b now

no thanks, 50b start bid


I’ll consider it as a bid, ty.

daily bump, up

I can offer 49b b/o isk rdy to send today

make it 52 and you got a deal now.

daily bump, willing to give it for 50b today.

30 bil

no trolls ok, bye

35 bil

daily bump up, b/o lowered


i said no trolling…