SOLD WTS - 74 mil sp Perfect Hel and Naglfar

This character is purely Hel and Naglfar pilot.

Min Dread V
Cap Projectile V
T2 Siege
Gunnery skills V

Min Carrier V
All Fighter skills V
Drone support skills V

Jump skills V
Cap skills V
Armor and Shield mostly IV / V

Minmatar frigate V (for interceptor and cov ops scanning)

B/O = 80 bil


80b b/o

@Jh_Kho accepted, send isk and in game mail for the account. Will do transfer today.

Still pending isk. Still open to offers

Will be sent as soon as i got home

Ok isk and info sent

Copy, transfer started. Sorry for the delay, was at work. Thanks

Character Name: Ju1ik

Will be completed after: 11/8/2019 9:48:14 AM

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