WTS 82.5M SP Hel/Wyvern Pilot


Complies with all CCP criteria.

Pretty much maxxed all Supercarrier applicable skills.

Easily and quickly able to fly Nyx/Aeon with injected skillbooks.

Offers starting at 70B

BuyOut hidden.

60 bil

daily bump

66 bil

86.5 bil

Sorry, been away for a few days.

TxviYawg1 if you want it it’s yours.

still for sale

good skills. if no one will get it I gonna buy within one month =)

It will stay here until sold so you might be lucky

still for sale

still here

look at me!!!

67 bil

strip profit is 69-70B. I’ll do that eventually if nobody wants it for an actual pilot.

Yo! could yo wait like one, one and half week more pls… and to specify - let’s bid on 75

Private message sent to iogy nbkui

aight I have 75 on hands. confirm and I will make transaction

confirm will be sold to iogj nbkui for 75B.
Send isk and account name via in game mail.

and email had been sent

confirm isk and account received.

Character transfer process started.