Hel/Wyvern Pilot 50.4m SP highly focused, near perfect

Selling myself.

50m SP highly focused, near perfect, shield super (Hel & Wyvern lvl5) pilot

Eve Board

High Grade Ascendancy Pod (~3 billion isk of implants)
Has Hel Firewall Breach skin activated (6.8 billion isk) and one or two other cheaper skins

Positive Sec Status (3.57)
Positive wallet
Located Jita 4-4
No kill rights

Decent killboard
#27 all time Hel pilot by number of kills

Starting bid : 48 bil
B/0 : 55 billion

Character must be in NPC corp the entire time its up for sale. and while its nice saying that you have a HG implant set, that cant factor into the price of the toon. Free bump.

  1. it is in npc corp and has been since before posting the app. so GG.
  2. mentioning that he has a implant set that the buyer will get is not “factoring it into price”
    so thanks for the bump and very useful comments

40 bil

41 billion


bump :loveparrot:


48.5 bil

alright the minimum amount i want has been met, ill sell to the highest bidder on Friday unless someone meets the buyout of 55 billion in which case I will immediately sell





52b now


53 bil



Confirming buyout offer reached and sale to Nataly Maken. Will transfer char as soon as I receive ISK and account name via in game mail.