Hel/Wyvern Pilot 50.4m SP highly focused, near perfect

(Nicolai Jennings) #1

Selling myself.

50m SP highly focused, near perfect, shield super (Hel & Wyvern lvl5) pilot

Eve Board

High Grade Ascendancy Pod (~3 billion isk of implants)
Has Hel Firewall Breach skin activated (6.8 billion isk) and one or two other cheaper skins

Positive Sec Status (3.57)
Positive wallet
Located Jita 4-4
No kill rights

Decent killboard
#27 all time Hel pilot by number of kills

Starting bid : 48 bil
B/0 : 55 billion

(Chuck Isu) #2

Character must be in NPC corp the entire time its up for sale. and while its nice saying that you have a HG implant set, that cant factor into the price of the toon. Free bump.

(Nicolai Jennings) #3
  1. it is in npc corp and has been since before posting the app. so GG.
  2. mentioning that he has a implant set that the buyer will get is not “factoring it into price”
    so thanks for the bump and very useful comments

(TxivYawg1) #4

40 bil

(Baskerville Conan) #5

41 billion

(Saya Origami) #6


(Nicolai Jennings) #7

bump :loveparrot:

(RR Enat) #8


(Nataly Maken) #9

48.5 bil

(Nicolai Jennings) #10

alright the minimum amount i want has been met, ill sell to the highest bidder on Friday unless someone meets the buyout of 55 billion in which case I will immediately sell

(Saya Origami) #11


(RR Enat) #12


(Saya Origami) #13


(RR Enat) #14


(Nataly Maken) #15

52b now

(RR Enat) #16


(Nataly Maken) #17

53 bil

(RR Enat) #18


(Nataly Maken) #19


(Nicolai Jennings) #20

Confirming buyout offer reached and sale to Nataly Maken. Will transfer char as soon as I receive ISK and account name via in game mail.