WTS Hel Pilot 21.5 mil SP

positive wallet
no killmarks
HG Ascendancy without HG omega
start at 20B

still for sale

Must be located in NPC corp :frowning:

located in jita. npc corp

One bump per 24 hour period please.

16 B isk ready

17Bil isk offer

17.5B isk

18bil isk

Hey buddy, I will take it for 20b if you are still selling it. How do I get in contact with you ? Ingame discord or how ? let me know

Hey, please ingame mail to Abigail Nolan.
20b Good price.

Sent the mail to Abigail Nolan with all the details, Sent the ISK (20Billion) to Hel Nolan, Waiting for Character Transfer

Thank You

isk received, transferring the character

Confirm, have received the toon

Thank you very much

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