WTS 74.4m Hel pilot

74.4Mil SP Pilot For Sale
Begin Price: 65 Bil ISK
Buyout: 78 Bil ISK
Fighters V
Advanced Weapon V
Large Hybrid Turret/Large Projectile Turret V
Minmatar Carrier V
Gallente/Caldari Battleship V
Skill Points: 74,391,419
Unallocated SP:49,247
Comes with 3 extra jump clones and implants
no killrights
I will pay cost of transfer

65 bil

Thanks for the offer. I’ll wait.

66 bil


68 Billion ISK right here

70 billion isk right here

Thank you all for the offers, looking for a bit more


Turtle top bid for 73b
Waiting 48h to see if others are interested

Buyout set at 78b

78isk ready

Will accept Billy Hakomairos 78bil
Please send acct info and Isk

isk and account info sent
please transfer this character

ISK received, starting the transfer procedure

Character transferred, wait for completion

confirmation mail received

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