SOLD_WTS perfect 43.6m Hel pilot

NPC Corporation from today.
Positive wallet balance.
No kill rights

Security status -0.4
Located in Jita Hub
50500 EverMarks

Pilot fully ready for transfer
All CCP Rules are adhered to

QA - Devnulz

A pilot specializing in the Hel supercarrier.
Learned absolutely all the necessary skills to effectively fly a shield supercarrier.

There are several clones. 1 for quick study of skills (+5), another clone for use with Hel - full set HG Nirvana with auxiliary implants.
Bonus remap available: 2

Starting bid - 43 Bil
b/o - 50 Bil

43b offer

44b b/o

44,5b b/o

45b b/o

Thank you for your suggestions. With your permission, I’ll wait for the best offer. The pilot will go to the person who makes the best offer.

So far, the best offer has been made by “Rainbow trade”

Fyi, omega status doesnt matter. It doesnt transfer with the character

Thanks for the clarification, I wasn’t aware of that

45.5b offer

Thank you but I retract my offer.


Is your offer (45b b/0) still valid?

Right, if he retract price, i think 43b should be my final price

please check dms in game

replied to you at dms.

regarding to private conversation:
45b/o offer
please confirm and i will send money

Offer accepted.
Please send me the details to transfer the pilot to your account

info sent, isk sent @Devnulz

ISK and mail received.
Check dms in game please