WTS 44M SP Super Crrier Pilot Quick auction

No kill rights
Yearly Remap 1
Bonus Remaps 2
Security Status 5.01
Positive Wallet
Location : Jita
Corp :NPC corp


Gallente Carrier V
Minmatar Carrier V
Heavy Fighters V

Starting is 25B
B/O is 35B

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24b offer ready right now

Drop corp? Where is char located? 20b

24.3 b …

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bump bump bump bump bump

25b last offer

30 bill.

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Please follow all rules of the Character Bazaar. If your opening post is not amended properly I will close your thread. Thank you.

thank you mr. isd man. you are doing this community a great service. i have tipped you 69 isk.

The modification has been completed. Thanks to correct me . :smile:

35b OK?

32.5 max.

Bids retraced. Other pilot bought.

OK,I’m in no hurry

The supreme aircraft carrier

My offer still available. 25b

qq: 2546294136

Please bid according to the rules

27b! Ready now!

29B for this pilot