WTS - 82m SP Carrier/Boost/JF/Fax Pilot - PVP and PVE

Looking for an all around fantastic capital and support pilot? I’m for sale!

  • Amarr/Gallente Carrier V and Caldari Carrier IV
  • Perfect boosting skills - can use all T2 mindlinks
  • Can fly Jump Freighter
  • Excellent Fax pilot with T2 Triage
  • Great drone and support skills - Can use all T2 Fighters
  • Excellent PI skills with CCU V and IC V
  • Excellent Social skills with Guristas faction standing at 7.19 (Burner puller, no diamond rat aggro)
  • Can build supers, research, and perform well as a market toon

Wallet: Positive Wallet Balance

Kill Rights: No kill rights

Clone and Implants: Current clone is in Jita 4-4 with full set (1-5) of Improved training implants

Character Location: Home station is Jita 4-4 where character is located

Here’s my EVESkillboard: https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/General_Mao
Please note that I am in the Ministry of War corporation. EVE Skillboard may not have updated yet.

Price is 70b.

i’m going to give you a realistic offer, even though it is not anywhere near your unrealistic asking price.

60 bil

Ill pass on your lowball offer. Thanks though.

good luck waiting… might never sell

61B offer

Bump - Price updated to 75b.

Bump. Will consider any reasonable offer.

61.5B ready

Daily bump.

Again, reasonable offers will be considered.

62B offer

I’d do 70b.

70 bil is so overprice… my best max offer will be 65 bil

You can do 70b, big spender. That’s a fair price. I’m not going any lower than that.

nope, no way i will pay 70b for it…

Cool story. Go waste someone else’s time, troll alt.

70b is the firm price.

lmao, enjoy your long wait… might never sell :slight_smile:

Keep it on topic and civil. Only warning.

To the top!

66b ready

66.5B Ready