WTS - 95m SP Dread/Carrier/Boost/JF/Fax Pilot - PVP and PVE

I’m for sale
**Here’s my EVESkillboard:**https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Hantern
Skill Points 95,163,345
Unallocated SP 1,925,476

Armor 1,898,039

Drones 4,206,119

Engineering 5,241,569

Fleet Support 2,096,099

Gunnery 12,713,569 Capital Hybrid Turret 5.\Projectile 4

Missiles 9,963,597

Navigation 5,374,103 JDC 5

Production 2,352,824

Resource Processing 3,586,503

Science 6,996,879

Shields 2,260,079

Spaceship Command 33,692,879

Wallet: Positive Wallet Balance
Kill Rights: No kill rights
Clone and Implants: 2CJ with standard imp
Character Location: Home station is Jita 4-4 where character is located
Please note that I am in the npc corp. EVE Skillboard may not have updated yet.

Start 70 bill
B\O 99 bill





76 bil highest bid

77bil thanks

77 bil highest bid
2 days for closs



Auction End Date : 21/05/2020

isk ready

ill accept that. send info to Hantern. awaiting isk then transfer.

isk sent. and maill tell you new account. ( use taosuo character

resent acc info pls

acc info already sent by eve mail.

EVE Character transfer

use plex or dollars transfer ?

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