As is not in use for me anymore I would like to give this pilot a very nice home. His skills are pure PVP and never been used for mining.

Perfect dread pilot
Perfect BS pilot
all T3 subsystems in V
All support and Gunnery skills in 5
Positive wallet and Security status
Remaps available
Pilot is sitting in Jita 4-4


Starting bid : 60 bils
B/O : surprise me with a nice offer

72 bil

ty for the offer. If nobody post in 6 hours before I leave you can have it.

Stop advertising this on the “Blueprint Channel”

Can a mod please remove it? Just for you John, I am offline from eve , please stop posting if is not a bid on this thread. Thank you very much. Falcon can check when I was online last time in eve. Do not be dumb a waste my time for other people actions.

73b offered

Hey absolute . TY for the bid. I finish my work in 4 h. If you are around when I log back if nobody says otherwise (bid), we can make the transfer.

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74 bil

74.5b offered

Sue RL problems this topic is close. Sorry guys.

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