WTS 140mSP Perfect PVP & PVE pilot

Absolutely perfect pilot for every war or ratting everywhere in EVE

  • perfect armour and shield tanking
  • perfect engineering
  • perfect scanning and hacking
  • perfect navigation with BO jumping
  • perfect targeting
  • good electronics and rigging
  • close fo perfect missiles and drones
  • good gunnery

Awesome number of ships available:
Marauders, HACS, HICS, interceptors, black ops, bombers, logi, transports and many-many more!

Plus cool sets of implants
Good killboard
All CCP rules

Awesome skills

I want to sell my pilot to good hands for his long and happy life without extraction, so please be kind with him

Price for b/o 150b
I’ll pay for transfer
Bids less than 120b will be considered as free bump

110B, Bid !

now I can offer 120B, but you need to decide in 2 days

Thank you for bidding
Make it 155b and I will initiate the trasfer as soon as possible!
Sorry, b/o price was changed as I will have some troubles with payment for transfer

how long would you expect for the auction?

160B, offer

Offer accepted
Thnk you
Please sent ISKs and your account name for transfer via private mail

Transfer initiated thank you!

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