WTS 120m SP perfect PVP / PVE sub cap pilot

Hello everyone
I want to sell my awesome pilot

  • perfect armour, shield, navigation, engineering, targeting, biology
  • perfect drones, gunnery and missiles
  • perfect scanning
  • many perfect Tier 2 ships
  • all T3 cruisers
  • close to Capitals
  • short corp history

B/o is 160b
Bids lower than 120b will be considered as free bumping

And finally Perfect skills

Looking for more offers
Please do not hesitate to make offers ingame

A couple of ingame offers received, but looking for more bids
Feel free to write ingame

85 bil offer
What’s the highest offer you got so far?

Its not perfect gunnery, missiles or shields so thats a big fat lie


Thank you for the bid
But I have already higher - 125b discussed ingame

bump, hope to get a deal
so write me here or ingame!!

I will upp my offer to 90 bil and just leave it here in case higher offers withdrawn

thank you
but it’s better to keep him for myself in that case

Up to the top

looking for offers

we’re going to the top!!!

bump, returning for sale

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