WTB 150m+ PvP Character

As the title.
Looking for a sub cap focus so don’t be linking me your 150m sp cap characters that you think count because they have Amarr BS 5.

Post what you’ve got and the price you want.


let me know if interested

Might as well use this as my daily bump.

As for your character, it doesn’t meet my requirements unfortunately. However, if you do have a bid of 125b in game as your thread suggests, take it and run. That’s well above what this character is worth.

It is only your point of view but thank you for the opinion


Still not found what I’m looking for so bump it up

Not to sound argumentative as I’m really just curious as to why the 150m SP bright line. Is it because you figure that nearly perfect sub cap is achieved around there or some other reason?

Good luck in your search!

Oh it’s just my line for “sort of high sp, can probably do everything as long as it isn’t titan focused.”

I should clarify in the OP that dread and triage skills are fine, I just don’t want titan and super characters.
So, thanks for questioning it!

You don’t read very well do you. No thankyou

Bump it up

Open to offers.

How mutch ISK do you wish for this character Fylgiar??

Nogomojo is it actual for sell??

Come on game chat if u are online, so we can talk :slight_smile:

Please remove every off topic post you have made about the sale of that character from my thread and make your own.

Apologies. I actually thought I was talking to the original poster, yourself, but it seems it was someone jumping in. That’s my bad and again, I apologise.