WTB PVP character - I can pay more the extraction value

I want to buy 2 pvp characters:

  1. around 50-70m sp
  2. up to 50m sp

I’m willing to pay more than the extraction value if the characters meet my requirements.
Post your offers below.
I’m not interested in capital ship skills.
I would like to see racial frigates and cruisers to V as well as gunnery skills.
Battlecruisers and battleships to V would be good addition.
Leadership skills would be also nice.
It doesn’t have to be maxed out.

2nd character up to 50m sp:
Interceptors to V and minammatar and amarr frigs V. Racial cruisers and destroyers to V with some leadership skills.

But anyway I will take a look at each skillboard.
I will say again, I’m not interested in capital ship skills or any other skill that isn’t related to pvp.

What exactly are your requirements? It will help sellers know if they fit the bill or not :slight_smile:

If you are interested, I am for sale: WTS 42m Focused FAX/Logi Pilot

@Zap4K thanks for posting, but I’m not interested in capital ship skills.

@Aequitae that’s a nice character, I like the name too. I could offer you 47 bil at the moment, but I’m also watching other character with the same skill points and I would like to wait a bit to see how that auction will end.

@Pandion_Knight some skills are missing and some I don’t need, but a nice character too. I could offer 35 bil, but I would like to wait a bit, as I mentioned above. So if you are not in hurry maybe we can make a deal in the future.


Buy me instead of 2 pilots

@Mlea_Stargrove 22 bil

@Gorevaika_Immortals sorry, but you are asking too much for me, good luck with your sale tho!

At the moment I’m looking mostly for one character between 50m and 70m SP, PVP focused.

May not meet all criteria that you are looking for but have a look.

hi this may fit!

Id only sell for the right price. Otherwise she wouldn’t be sold

@Lincoln_Booze thanks but looking for character with higher SP.

@Anguilla_anguilla same as above.

@Dusty_Uitoh I see you withdrawn your topic.

23b offer



I know she is not NPC corp but if we reach a deal I’d drop her out immediately.

@Evaline_Karimova thank you for posting your character, but I’m looking for a subcap pilot

Is there any decent subcap pvp character for sale?

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