WTB 2 pvp characters

1st character I’m looking for needs to have:

  • all racial cruisers V
  • all basic medium weapons to V
  • great gunnery skills
  • good navigation, missiles, armor, engineering
  • all racial battleships and racial weapons to V would be a good bonus

2nd character I’m looking for:

  • all racial cruisers V
  • great navigation skills, cyno V
  • all racial frigs to V

Something like this. I’m looking for focused pilots, I’m not interested in mining, capital, science, production or industry skills

bump number 1

I will pay more than extraction value if character and skills will be optimal for me.

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Look at me please
I’m the best you could imagine

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Only lovers left alive

Still looking

look please
feel free to write ingame!


Im Up For Sale

PVP Pilot

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