WTB PVP Pilot up to 25bil


I’m looking for a new character. Should be PVP focused. Any race is good, I would prefer it to be a single racial skill set (i.e all Caldari or all Gallente etc.)

Must have a good name (I would prefer the Firstname Lastname format)
Minimum racial cruiser 5
Decent gunnery or missiles, T2 racial minimum
T2 Drones

Up to 25 billion for the perfect character

Can leave links here or mail me in game, thanks

hey, check these I just put for sale: WTS 3 pilots 7, 8 and 20 mil SP



Thanks for posting,but these aren’t exactly what I’m looking for.

I wsnt something more focussed on a specific faction, both ships and weapons, than all of these. Like minmatar with t2 projectiles or caldari with missiles.

Also not looking for anything extracted or with a lot of unusable skills.

Is there anything out there like this, or am I better to inject?

I would prefer some age to a character.

Focused Amarr pilot with very short corp history. Born 2010.
Yearly remap + 3 bonus remaps - 4 remaps in total which is great base for furure training.

24,2M skill points.

Pass: pewpew
Clean killboard

Make ma an offer.

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