WTB Multiple PVP Characters

Greetings all,

I am returning back to EVE. Before I left I sold both of my characters. So now I need some characters to play with. I am looking to buy TWO pvp focused characters,

I need one pvp pilot which is gallente focused able to preferably fly…
Has T2 guns/armor skills for all these ships as well.
Good drone skills
Looking for around 50-70mill SP character with NO wasted skills.

Second pvp pilot I would like to also be able to fly a t3 as well but preferably be amarr focused.
Amarr BS 5 preferably
Good armor/gun skills.
Strong drone skills
Looking for 30-50 mill sp character here but open to more!

Characters must have good sec status.

May edit this as I need to or think of other requirements I would like.

Thank you all.



still looking;D!

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