WTS 3 pilots 7, 8 and 20 mil SP

o/ everybody,
as per title, I’m selling 3 toons. PW for all eveskillboard links is: 1234

Toon #1:, 7 mil SP: https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Oro_Zinghi
This guy is a good scanner alt. Perks include cov ops V and good scanning skills.

Minimum bid: 5b Istant buyout: 7b

Toon #2: 8 mil SP https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Keyt
This guy is a caldari focused combat pilot. Perks include small and medium hybrids and some good all around engineering, armor, navigation and shield skills. Good starter character.

Minimum bid: 6b Istant buyout: 8b

Toon #3 19,5mil SP, soon to be 20 https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Aniene
This gal is an even better starter pilot, sporting useful skills to have as a newbro. She’s able to scan effectively (cov ops IV with good scanning skills), mines, is a good amarr/gallente focused combat pilot, good drone skills and even sports cyno V for those dank blop drops. She’s also pretty close to flying dictor and most common used doctrines. Comes with a full +4 sets of implants and, at the time of selling, will most probably have trained cybernetics V.

Minimum bid: 14 bil Istant buyout: 20 bil

At the time of the sale, all toons will be located in hisec. Toons #1 and #2 have positive sec status, toon #3 has slightly negative (-0,something : fixable in like 20 mins ratting if you’re worried about that). All toons have positive wallet and will be in an NPC corp at the time of sale.
All CCP rules apply, I’ll be paying for the transfers (credit card = no waiting time).
Grab 'em while they last!

confirming I am for sale.

confirming I am for sale.

confirming I am for sale.


mail send



5 bil isk bid

thanks for offer, noted.

When does auction end?

When I feel like it, honestly: I don’t want to set this in stone.


15B for this one

thanks for offering + bump.


https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Aniene <--------10b b/o

15 b already offered for that one, but thanks for bump.

Going to withdraw my bid in 2 days if the auction does not end

Auctions will end when an acceptable price is met. You’re close, but not just there yet. :slight_smile:

Extraction value is 10.5B. Transfer fee is 2B. It’s worth no more than 16B. You only get 1B for 1mill SP on higher SP chars or specialized characters. You will likely never sell at the price you desire. 90% of auctions end in a week with multiple bids. Yours have no bids after 2 weeks because unreasonable prices. 15.5B final offer.