WTB Revelation/Fax Alt (extras okay)

As per the title.

Looking for something well skilled - minimum requirements are below:

Dread Pilots Min Skills

  • Decent Armor skills
  • T2 Capital Pulses
  • Amarr Dread 4
  • T2 Siege
  • JDC 5
    Would also consider a Low SP moros pilot if its well skilled

Triage Pilot Min Skills

  • Some kind of Carrier 4
  • Capital remote and local reps
  • T2 Triage
  • Decent armor or shield skills
  • JDC 5

Obviously the idea would be 1 character that does both, but I’m not that picky.

I don’t mind having extras that are extractable, but I won’t pay a massive of a premium for it.

Post what you have.



Bump it up.

Sell me your capital pilot please.

Up we go


Hit me with your best shot