WTS 42m Focused FAX/Logi Pilot

As per title, I am for sale.

Focus trained from scratch into Apostle/Ninazu and subcap logi. It has Amarr Carrier 5, JDC5, Logi 5, 3 racial cruisers to 5 and is currently training Gallente Carrier 5. Also has good drone/fighter skills and can comfortably fly and fit combat carriers.

Skills can be seen here: https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Zap4K

- Positive sec status
- Located in High Sec (Jita 4-4)
- 2x Clones with training implants
- No killrights
- Currently in NPC corp and ready for transfer

Price: Make me an offer

All CCP Rules apply, thank you.

27b offer

Thank you for the bump, real offers please :slight_smile:

29 b isk

daily bump

up we go


  1. Skillboard shows only 1 JC and the implants are okay not great.

Ocular Filter - Basic
Memory Augmentation - Basic
Neural Boost - Basic
Cybernetic Subprocessor - Basic

  1. Repair Drone Operation needs to be injected to lvl 5 to be a fully effective PvP fax

Hey, thanks for your offer but I will have to decline.

  1. Skillboard shows 1 clone yes, the other is just cheap training implants as stated above.
  2. You do not need that skills to 5, drone reps will not save anyone… It’s merely a luxury.

I will consider offers around 40b.

40b is completely unreasonable. Best I can do is 31b.

I have to second ASAP’s point I’ve just done the math and one can inject a clean alt into a fax with perfect skills for around 31b as it is.

Best of luck injecting 42m SP for 31b :slight_smile:

This is not purely a FAX toon as it can also do Logi and combat carriers, if all you want to fly is an Apostle with minimal support skills then sure. If you want me to strip it to just do a FAX and nothing else then sure I ll take 31b then haha.

Thanks for the bumps chaps

After doing some math and looking at the state of the current market, I will now be happy to take a Buyout Price of 35b.

35b buyout

I accept, send isk and account info and I will begin character transfer.

Edit: As its quite late here, I will be going to bed shortly so I will be able to process the transfer in the morning (roughly 5 hours from now).

Sorry dude, I have to retract my offer. Just ended up not liking the killboard very much. Good toon though, and good price.

Alright, thanks for letting me know.


BO set to 35b as per above posts.

Up we go

35B B /O

I accept. Send isk and account info and I will begin transfer straight away :slight_smile: