[SOLD ]Focused FAX Pilot for Sale

(Friedel Aivoras) #1


Very focused FAX pilot. Has some fighter capabilities as well. And recently started training into Logi Legion / Loki due to high amount of synergy.

Two sets of implants: 1 Mid-Grade Slave + 1 Mid-Grade Ascendancy (currently in low-sec freeport, can be moved to hi-sec)

Character will be moved to hi-sec for transfer.

Starting bid 45 Bil, B/O 50Bil

(Brian Szymczak) #2

Confirming that I am for sale

(Aiko H) #3

40B isk ready

(Friedel Aivoras) #4

Still for sale

(Aiko H) #5

I can offer you 43B, if you wanna sell

(Grr Gons) #6

45 bil

(Friedel Aivoras) #7

Thanks for your bid!

I’m not in a hurry and would like to wait a little longer, however I added a B/O for 50Bil. :slight_smile:

(Friedel Aivoras) #8

Still for Sale

(Aiko H) #9

45.5B B/O

(Friedel Aivoras) #10

Make it 50 and you can have him

(Grr Gons) #11

47 if you move the implant clones to Jita

(Friedel Aivoras) #12

50 and i’ll start moving them right now :slight_smile:

(Grr Gons) #13

You’re killing me. At 47 you are already at almost 6 bil net profit. I mean I like this pilot but 50 is just too much

(Friedel Aivoras) #14

48 and you have a deal

(Grr Gons) #15

OK. Will send ISK and Account Info to “Brian Szymczak” within the next 30 minutes

(Grr Gons) #16

ISK and Account Info sent, please confirm receipt and the initiation of the transfer

(Friedel Aivoras) #17

Money and Info received. Will initiate transfer in 30 mins via GM ticket

(system) #18

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