[SOLD ]Focused FAX Pilot for Sale


Very focused FAX pilot. Has some fighter capabilities as well. And recently started training into Logi Legion / Loki due to high amount of synergy.

Two sets of implants: 1 Mid-Grade Slave + 1 Mid-Grade Ascendancy (currently in low-sec freeport, can be moved to hi-sec)

Character will be moved to hi-sec for transfer.

Starting bid 45 Bil, B/O 50Bil

Confirming that I am for sale

40B isk ready

Still for sale

I can offer you 43B, if you wanna sell

45 bil

Thanks for your bid!

I’m not in a hurry and would like to wait a little longer, however I added a B/O for 50Bil. :slight_smile:

Still for Sale

45.5B B/O

Make it 50 and you can have him

47 if you move the implant clones to Jita

50 and i’ll start moving them right now :slight_smile:

You’re killing me. At 47 you are already at almost 6 bil net profit. I mean I like this pilot but 50 is just too much

48 and you have a deal

OK. Will send ISK and Account Info to “Brian Szymczak” within the next 30 minutes

ISK and Account Info sent, please confirm receipt and the initiation of the transfer

Money and Info received. Will initiate transfer in 30 mins via GM ticket

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