SOLD - 47.8M SP Logistics (close to FAX), Fleet Boosting, Incursion DPS, Black Ops Pilot


I am selling myself.

I am in an NPC Corporation.
I have a Positive Wallet.
My Security Status is 4.53.
I have no assets.
I have no kill rights.
I have 1 Jump Clone located in High Sec (Ahmak).
I am located in Jita.

I have 47,877,029 Skill Points which can be verified here:
Password is 54321

Some highlights for me are:

Fleet Boosting:
Armored Command Specialist - 4
Shield Command Specialist - 4
Skirmish Command Specialist - 4

Logistics: (Basilisk, Scimitar)
Logistics Cruisers - 5
Caldari Cruisers - 5
Minmatar Cruisers - 5
Shield Emission Systems - 5
Remote Armor Repair Systems - 5
Amarr Cruisers - 4 (Easily Injection for Guardian if using Armor Doctrine)

Incursion DPS: (Vindicator)
Gallente Battleship - 5
Minmatar Battleship - 5
Large Hybrid Turret - 5
Large Blaster Specialization - 4

Cynosural Field Theory - 5
Light Drone Operation - 5
Medium Drone Operation - 5
Heavy Drone Operation - 5

Black Ops - 4
Jump Portal Generation - 5

I am on my way to being able to fly a FAX with associated skills:
Jump Drive Operation - 5
Jump Drive Calibration - 5
Tactical Logistics Reconfiguration - 5

Bidding starts at 40B with a B/O at 48B

I will pay the transfer fee.

Thank you.

Looking for a new home, thanks for considering.

Back to the front to show my wares. Thank you.

Back up top for your viewing pleasure.

32 bil

Thank you for the offer TxivYawg1, but I will be holding out for more. Back to the top.

Once again back up in hopes of some new views.



I adjusted the B/O, but if you would be willing to split the difference and come up to 44B I’d accept that and am currently available to start the follow through with the transfer process.

Update: Just got called in to work. Will try to monitor thread, but will be back in 5-6 hours.

Let me know.


going to leave my offer at 40b


Alright, I will consider it here while I am at work. Thanks.


After consideration I have decided that I will accept your bid of 40B as I have had something come up and could use the ISK. If you would like to send the payment, I will verify when I get home and start the transfer process.

Thank you.

Isk and mail sent in-game. Thanks!



ISK received in the form of a 40B B/O!

Transfer paid for on 3/24/2020 at 11:15:22 PM UTC.
Transfer initiated and being processed around 11:22 PM UTC per EVE email.

I also sent an in game mail to you. Let me know when the character has changed hands.

Thank you, and enjoy.

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