WTB apostle pilot

Looking to buy a focused apostle pilot (not interested in any none fax related skills boosting the cost up significantly)… give me some links and asking price please

I am for sale, Amarr Carrier 5, JDC5 ect.: WTS 42m Focused FAX/Logi Pilot

Character can do combat carriers too with decent fighter/drone skills and has all necessary support skills maxed or close to.

Price is 45b (cost just shy of 60b to inject not taking into account the skillbook cost).

thanks for response. i am looking for a focused apostle pilot… not interested in mix with combat carrier and all the sub cap lvl 5 you have… if you do refine him down to fax only skills please let me know… thanks


need an apostle pilot or a pilot that can be extracted/injected to one thanks

bump… give me some links and prices

Looking for bids

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