WTS - 99m SP Dread/Carrier/Boost/JF/Fax Pilot - PVP and PVE

I’m for sale

Here’s my EVESkillboard: https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Patnrytsyya

Armor 3,224,680 skillpoints

Capital Remote Armor Repair 4. Capital Repair 4

Drones 13,634,283 skillpoints

Engineering 5,667,302 skillpoints

Gunnery 19,206,667 skillpoints

Capital Energy / Projectile 4. Capital Hybrid Turret 5.

Navigation 6,703,839 skillpoints


Shields 2,622,118 skillpoints

Capital Shield Emission 4. Capital Shield Operation 4.

Spaceship Command 40,325,780 skillpoints

Recon 5.Logistics Cruisers 5. Heavy Assault Cruisers 5. Gallente Carrier 5. Covert Ops 5. Command Ships 5.
Wallet: Positive Wallet Balance
Kill Rights: No kill rights
Clone and Implants: 2CJ with standard imp
Character Location: Home station is Jita 4-4 where character is located
Please note that I am in the npc corp. EVE Skillboard may not have updated yet.


Start: 70 bil
Buyout: 99 bil

65B ready to send ISK

75 bil


79 bil


83 BIL

@Newild alright dude, you win… hope he accepts your offer. enjoy it!

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accept u offer
wait for isk

ISK Transfered by my trade alt Shoperka Yatolila, transfer account name in transfer description

EVE Character transfer
thx to all

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Char received.

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