[WTS] 42.5 million SP Supercarrier Pilot

Hey all, here I am, for sale! http://eveboard.com/pilot/Hel_Eroberer

I am 42.5 million SP of pure Supercarrier madness. I have Galente Carrier 5, Amarr Carrier 5, Caldari Carrier 4, Minmatar Carrier 4 (on the way to 5 now). I have tech 2 Fighters, and some fairly amazing support skills.

Please make me an offer! I will transfer immediately upon receipt of the ISK.

Some more facts:

Located in high sec (Onnamon)
Positive wallet balance will be in effect upon transfer.
No Kill Rights
2 Neural Remaps available
All implant sets are in high sec.
Implant sets:
(current) High Grade Slave set (no omega)
Jita 4-4 High Grade Crystal set
Onnamon 1 High Grade Slave set (omega)
Onnamon 4 Mid Grade Slave set (omega)
Perimeter IChooseYou Trade Hub +5 set

30 B !!

Thank you for the bid - although - I feel we can go higher. Let’s see some more bids folks!

34b b/o?

34.5B offered

35 bil

36b offered

Thank you Maizie.

Everyone else interested, Top bid is 36. If we can hit 40 I will agree to that price.


37B offered

Thank you for the offer! I’ll sell for 38 lowest buyout I can go. Let me know!

38b offered

Drone - I will accept. Send the isk to me and an evemail with the account you want her on. I will transfer immediately.

Transfer initiated. THANK YOU!

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