[WTS]Focused Super Pilot - 43M SP

Delicious Skillset
Her Secret code is 1337

No Killrights
Positive Sec Status
Will be in Jita when transferred.
Pods are Valued @ Appraised
Wallet is Green

:rocket: 8.5Mi in Nav because she likes to go fast
:baby_chick: 9.25Mi in Drones - Shes quite controlling
:chains: Propulsion Jamming V so she can tie you down
:fire: 7.2Mi in Shields&Armor - Can be a tough bitch
:sweat_drops: She can fit Burst projectors, Has minny titan and relevant gunnery waiting to be trained.
:gift_heart: 3 Remaps, a unique name and she’s a christmas day baby!

This toon was being prepared for a Revenant. Keep the dream alive and do it in style :aussieparrot:
All offers considered.
B/O 50B

37 Bil

Thanks for that bid. Getting closer to that Gal Carrier 5 boys get in my :peach:

Offer made In-Game

37.5bil offer

Ingame offer of 48.

49 will earn you this seductress.

49B B/O accepted in-game

ISK and Account Name Sent

Buyout agreed. Let me move her to Jita and i will initiate transfer shortly!

transfer initiated enjoy!

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