WTS Super-Carrier Pilot 18m SP

Okay, may not be up then. Ready whenever.

Price 17.5b? I pay the transfer fee by contacting GM to pay plex

No thank you on 17.5


Just confirming you’re paying the transfer fee? I don’t believe we can do it by plex now iirc.

I have contacted GM and need to wait for a while

Any update from the GM regarding this? I don’t think we should do the transfer until this is confirmed.

Yes, I need to wait for GM to give me a response. I need to confirm whether such operation can be carried out before I can carry out the role transfer process with you. But so far, GM hasn’t given me a response

Please be patient

you can pay the transfer with Plex?? really??

You can no more actually

I remember it was possible to do this before

It is stickied in this forum here

Idk if a GM will do it for you.

Sorry, I didn’t notice the new announcement

Are you withdrawing the post then or will pay with CC?

Then it’s not for sale

Closed via polite request by OP.