SOLD - 16.6 mil SP Gallente/caldari pilot
Possitive wallet
2 remaps
good standings
no kill rights
5.0 sec status

17 bil


14b online now


15bil bo

EDIT. I’m new to this, who should pay for transfer, seller or buyer? And how much it is?

Well no one bid 15 bil, but if you take 14 I will transfer now. I would pay you the isk, and send you an account to transfer the character to. If you want to use plex you have to have 1100 and then petition CCP (not prefered) otherwise you go to your eve account on the website and pay the 20$ transfer fee.

14 bil is Okay, just PM me in game, i’m online now.

1000* plex not 1100

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in game now

isk and account name sent


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