WTS: 8m Gallente Pilot

Offering myself for a new home.

  • My skills

  • I am located in Jita.

  • 2 Bonus remaps

  • Cybernetic V

  • Positive wallet

All CPP rules Apply. Transfer will be paid by me through Plex.

Start bid: 5.5b
Buy Out: 6.5b

I’ll give you the 6.5b buyout.


Send the BO to me and details, so i can start transfering.

isk and account details sent

Received. Support ticket is created for transfer,

Char should be moved

takes 11.68b to inject to 8m sp, not sure why you would sell it for cheap. 1b per 1m sp is common. sorry about your bad deal. or 8 months at 1.63b per month (current jita price for plex) to get to approx 8m sp…

Matter of opinions. I am happy, Buyer is happy. Just overlook what is on the forums vs what is sold and what not

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