SOLD 31milj SP perfect Gallente JF Pilot

(Nelixa) #1

WTS perfect Gallente JF Pilot, Interceptor, Cap building skills, Research skills, Drone skills! 31milj SP

*Wallet Balance: positive
*Kill Rights: none
*Jump Clones: none
*Character Location: Jita
*Remaps: 1 bonus remap available

start bid: 22b
buyout: 26b (buyout changed from 26b to 25b on 11/12/2017)

I will pay all transfer costs on a successful bid.
Please respond on this topic, thanks

(Avallah) #2

20 bil

(Maizie Fields) #3

21 bil

(Sativa Lynx) #4

26 bil

(Nelixa) #5

Buyout has been changed from 30b to 28b.

(Nelixa) #6

Still for sale.

(Nelixa) #7

Still for sale

(Nelixa) #8

Buyout changed from 28b to 27b.

(Nelixa) #9

Still for sale

(Nelixa) #10

27b still for sale

(Nelixa) #11

Buyout changed from 27b to 26b, Still for sale

(Maximus Ogrecuck) #12

24 billion.

(Nelixa) #13

Still for sale 26b buyout

(Nelixa) #14

Buyout changed from 26 to 25b, still for sale

(Mila Utrigas) #15

Can I suggest 21b offer?

(Nelixa) #16

sorry not going any lower now, if not sold by end of week, i will extract and use the skills on other chars.

(Norther Stormrage) #17

24.5B B/O

(Nelixa) #18

Offer accepted, transfer will start once account is mailed and isk is transferred.

(Norther Stormrage) #19


(Nelixa) #20

Transfer is done, Transfer mail recieved, transfer in proces.