SOLD 31milj SP perfect Gallente JF Pilot

WTS perfect Gallente JF Pilot, Interceptor, Cap building skills, Research skills, Drone skills! 31milj SP

*Wallet Balance: positive
*Kill Rights: none
*Jump Clones: none
*Character Location: Jita
*Remaps: 1 bonus remap available

start bid: 22b
buyout: 26b (buyout changed from 26b to 25b on 11/12/2017)

I will pay all transfer costs on a successful bid.
Please respond on this topic, thanks

20 bil

21 bil

26 bil

Buyout has been changed from 30b to 28b.

Still for sale.

Still for sale

Buyout changed from 28b to 27b.

Still for sale

27b still for sale

Buyout changed from 27b to 26b, Still for sale

24 billion.

Still for sale 26b buyout

Buyout changed from 26 to 25b, still for sale

Can I suggest 21b offer?

sorry not going any lower now, if not sold by end of week, i will extract and use the skills on other chars.

24.5B B/O

Offer accepted, transfer will start once account is mailed and isk is transferred.


Transfer is done, Transfer mail recieved, transfer in proces.