WTS Rorq, JF and prodding char 33 Mio SP

(Grymsten) #1


want to sell myself.

Positive Wallet
will be in Jita
No killrights


Gallente Freighter V
Capital Industrial V
Industrial Reconfiguration V
Mining Drone Spec V
Jump Drive Calibration V

Starting Bid: 20B
B/O: hidden

end of auction 11.11.2018 21:00 Evetime

(I wanna Sell) #2

20 B for start

(Wicked Star) #3

22b offer now

(Grymsten) #4

bump, 7 days to go

(Wicked Star) #5

i will offer this price just today,22b bid

(Maze Avionik) #6

24 if you sell it rigt now to me !

(Wicked Star) #7

All right,Let’s meet each other halfway. 23b contact now,ok?

(Maze Avionik) #8
  1. B

(Grymsten) #9

thanks for the offers so far.

Looking for something around 30B - so the first one hitting this region will get the character transfered.

(Maze Avionik) #10

Than 29 o7

(Maze Avionik) #11

First o7 :wink:

(Grymsten) #12

29B accepted.
Please send me Money and Ingame Mail to this character, then i will start the transfer.

(Maze Avionik) #13

Okay o7

(Maze Avionik) #14

Isk sended

(Grymsten) #15

ISK and Account received

(Grymsten) #16

Character transfer started - please confirm

(Maze Avionik) #17

Can not see it yet but i will confirm when i see it

(Maze Avionik) #18

Char at new Account Confirmed ! Thanks much mate !

(Grymsten) #19

Thanks for quick confirmation and good transaction.

Sale completed.

(system) #20

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