108m SP Dread/JF/Rorq/Golem/Nyx Pilot

Hey there,

While I might be for sell I’m not easy, so all CCP rules apply!

HIGHTLIGHTS: These are only some of the things I have to offer.

Jump Drive Calibration Level: 5
Jump Fuel Conservation Level: 5
Empire Control Level: 5 (For those needing an Corp Alt.
Along with another 109 skills also Level 5

My previsous owner was someone what a carebare and stuck me in mining mode, but as you can see, I can fly the heavy hitters as well. But hey, if Mining and Industry are what you are looking for, I can fly the following:

Freighters: Caldari, Minmatar, and Gallente
Exhumers Level 5
I met this Gallente girl once, she was really into Space truckers, so I learned all this industrial hauler ships, but her favriot was my mad Orca skills.

Anyway, enough about me, but if there is any more you want to know, just check out my profile: Fence

Oh yeah, I’m supose to let you know that recently moved into an appartment in High Sec, also this:

Remap avilable
Positive wallet
No kill rights
Npc corp

Anyways, lets get this show on the road!

Starting Bid: 85b
B/O: 95b


60b ready for instant buy

Thank you both for the bids, would like to get closer to the starting bid if possible, will keep active a little while longer.

70 B offer

Thank you for the bid, if you can make it 75, I would consider myself sold.

Would you do 73?


Send Isk and details to me in game

Sending ISK and account details

Sent. Awaiting Confirmation

COnfirmed receipt of Isk and Account, Transfer started.


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Thanks. Confirmed that character is on the way.


Your welcome, enjoy and Fly safe!

Signing off.

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