WTS 40 m SP Gallente SubCap, Rorq, Carrier pilot [SOLD]

Character is now SOLD

WIlling to pay 31B. Isk ready

Offer 33b.

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Thx for bidding, will give it a day and call it.

Nara is high bidder; I’ll give it a few more hrs and if nothing higher comes in, it’s yours.


33 bil offer accepted from Nara, send Isk and acct info and we can start transfer


Apologies but unfortunately I can’t make this purchase right now. Sorry for wasting your time.

No worries;

Character is still for sale then.

Kazim, are you still interested?

I am, but since my last bid the market has crashed significantly, so I cannot offer more than 27B

I’d need at least extract value of 28.5 bil or it would be better to buy extractors.

Go for it. Can’t increase bid.

Will do, thx

I can Offer 29B right now… @Votineque

Offer accepted Basil; plz send Isk and acct info to this character and will start the transfer process.

@Votineque Isk sent

Transfer done, enjoy…

Character Received.

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