[SOLD] WTS 28m SP gallente carriers, orca, exhumers, blockade runner, freighters, reprocessing, production, R&D char

Bidding ends on 27/01, Sunday, at 24:00 eve time.

This is a mining (exhumers, orca, near rorqual), blockade runner and freighter (near jump freighter), gallente carrier and super carrier pilot with reprocessing, production and R&D skills.

  • Docked in high sec - Itamo, the Forge (2 jumps from Jita)

  • Medical clone in high sec - Simela, Genesis (can be set distantly to Todaki, Lonetrek)

  • Can install 1 jump clone

  • Implants:
    +4 Memory/Intelligence/Charisma
    +4% ore and ice reprocessing yield

  • Currently mapped to Intelligence/Memory

  • access to lvl 4 mining and R&D agents

  • 6.4 standing with Core Complexion Inc., Minmatar

  • 1 Bonus remaps available

  • 1 Neural remap available

15 days skilling from Sin, Black Op
25 days from Rorqual, jump freighteirs and all other carriers and super carriers

  • With 140 authentic tactical bookmarks in the regions Fountain, The Forge, Cloud Ring
  • Modest combat history
  • Good employment history
  • In NPC corp
  • Positive Wallet
  • No kill rights
  • Near 0 or positive standing history with the four main factions
  • positive security status of 0.9


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Thank you folks - bidding ends on 27/01, Sunday, at 24:00 eve time.


bump <3

Not like me?


20 bil

21bil here


with your kill, 18bill

Auction ends in about 38h, currently the highest bidder is Lynk Ether with 23 bn.

An ingame B/O offer is accepted from Lynk Ether, awaiting isk and account information.

Isk sent, awaiting transfer

Isk received, starting transfer procedure.

Thank you Lynk for the flawless deal. Take care of Peter, and have fun.

Character confirmed as received, many thanks

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