WTS 17.95Mil SP Orca Pilot with amazing focused trade/ reprocessing skills

Up for sale is my Orca Pilot alt. In short, she can pilot all Exhumers and Mining barges and primarily pilots an Orca. She has great processing skills, as well as amazing trade skills. Skillpoints are very focused into mining/ processing/ trade.

Link to EveBoard

Currently in NPC corp.

17,950,000 Skill Points
Can fly an Orca
V in Exhumers and Mining Barge (Can fly all Barges/ Exhumers)
Good reprocessing skills
Good Trade skills

Pilot has 0.9 security status
Pilot has no kill rights on it.
Pilot has no jump clones
Pilot in Jita IV Main Station (0.9 sec)
Pilot has a positive ISK balance.

Skills at Level 5:
Accounting 5
Broker Relations 5
Daytrading 5
Marketing 5
Retail 5
Trade 5
Wholesale 5
Research 5
Science 5
Mining Barge 5
Exhumers 5
Gallente Industrial 5
Drones 5
Mining Drone Operation 5
CPU Management 5
Mining Foreman 5
Industry 5
Production Efficiency 5
Astrogeology 5
Gas Cloud Harvesting 5
Mining 5
Mining Upgrades 5
Plagioclase Processing 5
Pyroxeres Processing 5
Refinery Efficiency 5
Refining 5
Scordite Processing 5
Veldspar Processing 5
Laboratory Operation 5
Spaceship Command 5

Had offer at 12B so let’s start from there.

EDIT: Forgot to mention she has 3 Attribute Remaps.

13.5 B

14bil bo

14.5 B

Hey Beppe, are you still offering the 14.5bil?

my offer still stands

15 bil

Yes, my offer still stands.

Sorry for the late reply … uhm … little bit hungover :smiley:

Nice Edit there, @Buddy_Freep3

15.5 B

16 bil

16.5 B

I’ll close the bidding now. Beppe Caruso gets it @ 16.5B!
Okay to go through with the transfer?

Is this pilot still for sale?

I have closed the bidding if Beppe wants he can have for 16.5B. If it falls through I’ll reopen

If you reopen im interested

@Liv_inia Please re-open, I already bought another char.

Okay bidding has reopened.
Buddy Freep3 with highest bid currently

@Buddy_Freep3 @Malaki_Shimaya

Whats the current bid?

16 bil as @Buddy_Freep3 offered