[SOLD] starter Orca pilot

1. Wallet balance. POSITIVE

2. Kill rights NONE

3. Jump clones NONE

4. Character location. New Caldari

Yearly Remap 1

Bonus Remaps 2

3,856,890 sp

Can fly orca and use tech 2 mining drones.
Industrial Command Ships 4
Mining Drone Specialization 4
Drone Interfacing 4
Drones 5
Mining Drone Operation 5
Mining Foreman 5
Mining 5
Spaceship Command 5

Other skills injected ready to train, was training leadership and Resource Processing skills prior to deciding to sell.


Will consider serious offers around 5 bill

daily bump.

Ocra pilot still for sale

orca pilot ready to mine

ill give you 3.5 bil

Thanks for the offer, but I am looking for more.

np if you had more skills maybe i would

4.2b is what I have in my mind for a minimum, can you do a little more?

yeah give me a sec. talking to a friend. its a gift for him

Orca pilot still for sale.

bump, still for sale

4b isk ready let me know must be done soon

Thanks for the offer, I would like 4.2b as a minimum, can you do a little more?

might as well inject lol… sorry i cant meet your offer… i retract my offer good luck and safe flying friend o7

No problem, thanks for taking a look. o7

Still for sale

Bump, still looking for 4.2, ready to transfer

Still selling, if you are looking for an orca pilot take a look.


Bump for the day

accepted offer ingame. no longer for sale

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