WTS Orca and incursions ready pilot 5 mil sp

I am for sell

Orca pilot / Incursions pilot ready Vindicator or Macheriel / Good Mining drone skills .
5mil sp .

Positive Wallet
Positive standing to all NPCs except sansha .

PW: 1234

1 remap + 1 bonus
Positive sec status
In NPC corp
Located in high-sec (Amarr)
No Implants
No kill rights
No jump clones

Bids here on in game mail / PM to Turismo32

Horrible skills man. this pilot isnt worth 7 bil hell id only offer you 3.5 bil at this point for the pilot LOL 7 bil come on kid

Jesus that’s bad.

Subpar skills all around. Best offer would be like 3 or 4 bill I’d agree. You have almost none of the core skills to 5.

Looks more like a failed sp miner that you want to sell.

bump …

3 bil

daily bump … price low bump it


3.8 b

4.5b offer

4.6 B I can pay immediately

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